Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cerita lewat sabtu


     Bak kte tjuk entry ni... sabtu guys..... enjoy.. wakaka.. byk la ko punye enjoy... hari tu lah i repeated muet second time.

     Tapi, this time... this muet really..ahhh.. i don't know what to say. Just, i and sha went there very very very late... I thought that we was early that time. Unfortunately, we really late... but we only late for about 10  minutes maybe... Alhamdulillah... we reach there on time. We got to answer together with other friends... fuhhh (relax k....)

         Soooo... get back to our topic. After finished our paper. We tweet with our housemate, laila (if she read this,i just want to say...hye2 laila )

        Guest what happen???? All of that day, we just ignore bday girl. We did not wished. I knew,she will get upset n she was really upset. I can see that on her face. But, we must follow our plan.

       We were thinking what to give for her birthday. Lastly, we just got a box of dunkin donut...
        Before i forgot this. I want to thanks to Pijad for being a driver n alot of thanks to laila.(laila.. kan kan kan)

       On that night, we were rushing to clean the house n prepared all of the things... jeng jeng jeng.....

       Aiyyookk... bday girl entered the house. We almost done but this is not like we had plan. Uuuuuuwww...everyone got to the bedroom (running k)...hahahaha.... they asked me to tell to the bday girl.. "don't entered the house..." ok.. we were relieved because all of us in the house n we can continue the party

           So.... this is our friendship... i love them.. although, we only knew for about... ermmm.. almost 1 year.. love occured among us... bye2

ni..bday girl

retis2 f-3-8

mmuahhh ckit...hihi

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